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GeekyOrange Marketing & Brand Strategy for B2B businesses.


Whether you're a startup which needs aggressive demand generation or an established business stuck in the same cycle, marketing planning and strategy is the foundation of sustainable growth. 



You are a new business and you don't even know where to start or you feel overwhelmed. As a first step we evaluate the industry, the market, the competitive matrix and discuss any limitations. Once we agree on a plan, I deal with the  technicalities and answer questions such as:

  • How marketing & sales will work together?

  • What necessary tech stack to consider? 

  • How will we measure budget spend & ROI?

  • How to work with limited budget & resources?

  • What would a short-term & long term plan look like?

I will run all the setup, the integration, and the implementation. You will have a shiny new marketing infrastructure ready to go, a strategy to execute on, and an attribution model or measurement system to review performance & ROI.


Moreover, if you need a shiny new brand, alongside the audience profiling, competitive analysis and market review, we pull in the right creative professionals that I collaborate with, to create a full visual identity. 

Image by Tomasz Zagórski


You are an established business and you're struggling or facing stagnating results. Not to worry, together we look at all of the variables that are imperative to what constitutes a successful marketing campaign or long term strategy. We'll answer questions such as:

  • Which strategies work and which don't and why?

  • What do the challenges and successes look like? 

  • What are your competitors & the industry up to?

  • How to manage stakeholders and resources?

  • What a new marketing strategy would look like?

Moreover, more often than not, there is an overarching theme around how your brand is perceived and whether it's helping or it's detrimental to your business' objective. Could it create more demand and inbound leads on its own or are you scrapping for expensive leads?

  • Brand development

  • Visual identity

  • Audience profiling

  • Competitive benchmarking

  • CRM & list building

  • Budgeting & forecasting

  • Campaign planning

  • Cross-channel strategies

  • Vendor management

  • Website design & development

Source: Content Marketing Statistics 2024


If you need help, whether it's ongoing or for one-off projects, want consultancy, or just have a question, please get in touch.

I quote per project, so understanding your needs will be the focus of our first chat. 

Thanks for submitting! I'll reach out within 24h.

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