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It was February 2020. The company I was working was fearing shut down amidst a data privacy PR disaster, badly managed by other companies in the space. Soon after hundreds of people lost their jobs, just like that. It was short, abrupt, shocking and deadly. Throughout the shut-down process I was focusing on closing the books, motivating staff, especially my team, helping them find suitable job alternatives, CV reviews, interview rehearsals and training sessions.

I was chill at this point, because I am a workaholic who has never taken a break longer than 10 days since I started working. So, my plan was solely focused on not rushing into anything, taking it easy, travel, maybe even relax for a month or two, possible do some consulting if I felt like it. Nothing that would keep me too invested, because that's when I default and become an arsewhole that works 12 hour days and then is unhappy about her work-life balance.


I was okay with my new plan, even looking forward to my enforced 'sabbatical'... and then lo and behold COVID-19 hits! Everything goes to shite. Countries start going on lockdown, travel plans get cancelled, shops get depleted of basics, people start to freak-out that the apocalypse is coming, everybody is on edge and isolated in the house. More importantly though, local businesses and companies start to worry about their future, employees start losing jobs, companies start shutting down.

As I was complaining about my plans getting cancelled all of a sudden it all become massively insignificant. Me, with my savings, my redundancy package, my support system, and my privileges became insignificant. I started feeling like an utter arsewhole. Of course it wasn't ideal that my savings were being spent on living costs rather than a potential house or an investment portfolio. BUT....I had them, all in all and in the grand scheme of things, I, unlike others, was okay!


I found myself listening to an influx of people in even better situations, who were angrily or desperately complaining about their 20% salary reduction, about their 10 holidays cancelled, about being stuck in the house with their housemates, about all these unimportant, privileged and shitty luxuries they no longer had. All I wanted to say was: "Oh I'm sorry? You're only getting 80% of your salary in a time like this, with no dependants, mortgages or debt? How about you fuck right off, huh?!". But of course I didn't say any of that and tried to nod understandingly, hoping that all they need is a rant and that deep down they realise they're being stupid.

I did however, most of the time unsuccessfully, tried to remind my circle that people are dying, their salaries disappearing completely, their businesses collapsing, their mortgages going unpaid. It just kept being a reminder of how me and my friends are a privileged group of ungrateful bastards that have no idea of what actual struggle looks like...As soon as something is taken away, we all act like life owes us something.


And for the rest of you out there, truly struggling right now to keep afloat, reach out, seek help and don't despair. In the midst of privilege I have also witnessed creativity, survival instincts and people helping each other. I have witnessed faces smiling, waving, nodding or even dancing from afar. I have witnessed human kindness, care and love. Reach out, to whoever you can, stay strong. We've been through this before and we've never been more ready as a species to survive it. All I can say and hope is that this too shall pass.

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